Please click on the following links to download in pdf or doc format:

A5 Flyer (Love it or Loathe it) – 2x A5 size for notice boards

Evaluation Form – handy checklist for evaluating speeches

Materials Order Form – Speaking guides, badges and much much more…

NNSC Infopack – introductory notes for guests and new members

NNSC Membership Application form – for new or returning club members

Programme Template – just download and fill in members names for the meeting

Suggestion form – A5 size – handy sized form for members to submit suggestions

Suggestion form – 2x A5 size – for printing on one sheet of A4 paper

Topics form – for prioritising candidates according to duties

Topics template – use to produce topics to put into a hat, cut into 15 or 30 strips

Timer sheet in colour – to fill in with logged times during the meeting

Voting at Club Meetings – general guidelines for voting and Awards Presentation

Voting Slips – just print, perforate and distribute at meetings