Club Policies

North Norfolk Speakers Club – Club Policies and Guidelines

1    Club Committee
It is the role of committee members to represent all club members without bias and to carry out the duties of their titled role.

The club has a committee of seven titled club members: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Education Director, Social Convenor, Secretary and Webmaster. Each committee member has an important role within the running of the club and it is the duty of all club members to assist and respect any decisions made by the acting committee.

An AGM shall be held before the end of May during which the acting President will give a report on the previous year and hand over to the newly elected President and committee.

Throughout the year there should be at least two committee meetings, and there must be at least four committee members present in order for a committee meeting to take place.

The minutes of each committee meeting shall be agreed by committee members within one month of the meeting. A copy of the minutes will be provided to all club members. If members wish to look at previous committee meeting minutes, these are available on request.

2    Club finances
At the AGM the Treasurer will provide a report on the club’s yearly accounts and the club’s accounts should be regularly minuted at committee meetings. If members wish to look at the club’s accounts, these are available on request.

Running expenses: the club will fund essential stationery, members’ speech manuals, trophy engraving, and basic meeting refreshments. These may be reimbursed by the Treasurer as incurred. All other proposed expenditures require advance authorisation by the committee via the Treasurer.

3    Club members
All members have the right to put forward ideas or suggestions and make comments. Requests can be passed to any member of the acting committee and they will represent members at the committee meeting.

It is the responsibility of each member to ensure their subscriptions are paid by standing order and are up-to-date. Failure to do so will render the member ‘out of good standing’ with the club and they will not be eligible to undertake duties at club meeting or participate in any capacity at contests until such time as dues including arrears have been paid in full at the current rate.

If any member is unable to fulfil their allocated duty then it is their responsibility to find another club member to fill their role for the evening, and they must inform the Chair of any changes.

We as club members have a responsibility towards our club and our fellow colleagues and we have an open-minded respect for each other as individuals.

Our dress code is smart casual.

Revision: February 8th 2018