Meeting Roles

A de-mystification of the roles during a Meeting at NNSC

The chair ensures in advance that all duty holders will fulfil their
roles, chairs the meeting, gets everyone to introduce themselves,
ensures the meeting runs to time, welcomes speakers to the floor and
generally tries to ensure everyone has a good evening!

The timer provides the means to make sure the meeting runs to time by
timing the prepared speeches, topics and evaluations. This also
helps speakers get used to speaking in an allotted time space

Wordmaster and Grammarian
The wordmaster selects a word for the evening, encourages all
members to use that word and reports back on usage at the end of the
evening. The person also acts as grammarian and notes interesting use
of words and phrases during the evening.
Click here to see a list of words chosen at club meetings

Ah Counter
The ‘ah counter’ attempts to break us of the habit of um-ing and err-ing
and of using filler words and crutches by buzzing our misdemeanours
(other than prepared speeches) and reporting back at the end of the

This is a short poem, passage or thought for the day that will be thought-
provoking or inspiring and is delivered by the person nominated for that

Prepared Speeches
Three or four members will prepare a speech in advance and deliver it
at the meeting. Each speech usually comes from a relevant manual and can be
on a wide range of subjects that other members will find entertaining and

Topics Master
The topics master chooses interesting and imaginative subjects
to offer members the opportunity to practise impromptu speaking. This
gives all present a chance to get involved in the meeting and speak

The evaluators comment on the delivery of each speech. The focus is
on the presentation rather than the content and offers encouragement,
praise for what has been done well and positive suggestions for
development. There is one evaluator for each speaker and an evaluator
for the topics

General Evaluator
Everything at the meeting gets evaluated, so the general evaluator
comments on how all the duty holders have handled their roles and
makes positive suggestions for improvement if necessary

Awards Presenter
At each meeting, the members choose the speech, topic and
evaluation that they think is the best. The awards presenter counts
the votes and has the pleasant task of presenting the trophies for the
evening. Please click to download voting guidelines pdf