Meeting 12th February

On our first meeting since leaving the EU our Chair SR used the theme of climate change and guided us gently through the proceedings with some eco tips as fill in material.

Introductions were to the question: ‘What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint?’

We had the pleasure of a new guest MG plus two returning guests SG and RL.
We hope they all enjoyed the evening and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

Ah Counter – TH, Timer – LG
Wordmaster – CLW with the word ‘quiddity’

For our inspiration DM talked ad lib about the importance of ‘being prepared’

The prepared speeches were as follows:
Speaker 1 – DS – ‘The best days of our lives’ evaluated by DM
Speaker 2 – TH – ‘All at Sea’ evaluated by CLW

Our Two Minute Topics CS master handed out various proverbs for us to talk about including:

The straw that broke the camel’s back
Truth is stranger than fiction
Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater
A picture is worth a thousand words
A stitch in time saves nine
Fine words butter no parsnips
The cobbler always wears the worst shoes
Never go to sleep on an argument
Revenge is a dish served cold
A leopard can’t change its spots

Awards presentation – RL

There was no Best Speech award as there were
only two speeches

Best Topic – LH
Best Evaluator  – DM

General Evaluator – LH

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