Meeting 29th January

On our second meeting in 2020 our Chair and President DM guided us gently through the proceedings with a string of amusing double entendres

Introductions were to the question: ‘Tell us about your goals for 2020’.

We had the pleasure again of our guest KD who is the SE District President. He was given a most warm welcome by all and had a chance to sum up the evening by acting as General Evaluator. We hope to see him again before too long.

Ah Counter – SR, Timer – CLW
Wordmaster – CS with the word ‘lacklustre’

For our inspiration JR read a self penned poem from 2001 entitled ‘Sandcastles’

The prepared speeches were as follows:
Speaker 1 – LH – ‘Should you go to India?’ evaluated by TH
Speaker 2 – DS – ‘The Angel or the Devil’ evaluated by CLW

Our Two Minute Topics master DS let us choose from various photos each with a question on the reverse including:

Ipswich Marina
What are you most thankful for?
When couldn’t you stop laughing?
Your favourite time of the year and why?
What does your perfect holiday look like?
What are you most proud of?
What everyday occurrence makes you smile?

Awards presentation – CS

There was no Best Speech award as there were
only two speeches

Best Topic – JR
Best Evaluator  – LG / TH (tie)

General Evaluator – KD

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