Meeting 15th January

On our first meeting in 2020 our chair CLW (standing in for DM) used the theme of books
for the evening. A plethora of book related quips and quotes were drip fed to us during the course of the evening. The relaxed and jovial atmosphere was enjoyed by all.

Introductions were to the question: ‘Tell us about your books’.

Ah Counter – not used, Timer – LH
Wordmaster – DS with the word ‘mindful’

For our inspiration CS read a thought provoking poem on the theme of
‘Choose what you fight for wisely’

The prepared speeches were as follows:
Speaker 1 – SR – ‘A Tale of Temptation’ evaluated by LH
Speaker 2 – JR – ‘Lifelong learning’ evaluated by TH

Our Two Minute Topics master CB gave us an excellent choice of Easy / Medium / Hard
topics including:

What did you want to be when grown up?
What is your favourite condiment?
Astrophobia – fear of storms
Your #1 goals for the next 6 months
The nicest thing that someone has done for you
Your most prized possession
Cynophobia – fear of dogs
Fear of heights – acrophobia
An apple a day keeps the doctor away
Two Minute Topics evaluation – LG

Awards presentation – SC

There was no Best Speech award as there were
only two speeches

Best Topic – SR
Best Evaluator  – LG for Speaker 2 evaluation

General Evaluator – TH

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