Meeting 23rd October

Our chair CAW asked us to introduce ourselves with recollections of a
favourite childhood story, setting the theme for the evening.

Timer CLW – ingeniously used coloured cards to keep meticulous time.
Grammarian/Wordmaster DM chose the word ‘superfluoous’.
Verbal exhuberence was duly commented on.

The Inspiration was by LH – ‘Quirky Norfolk facts

Our chair CAW used an innovative format. A five minute story for which she
gave a broad outline in advance. The evening took the form of a mini contest
with simple rules; extra points for members nearest the requested time, no
introduction by evaluator, a 5 minute story followed directly by a 3 minute
Quirky, extraordinary tales were brought to life:

Storyteller 1 – TH – ‘Wild things’ evaluated by CLW
Storyteller 2 – LH – ‘An unpleasant surprise’ evaluated by a stunned DM
Storyteller 3 – DS – ‘A tribute to a favourite author’ – evaluated by JR
Storyteller 4 – CLW – ‘Back to the future’ – evaluated by LH
Storyteller 5 – DM – ‘The cruise’ – evaluated by LG
Storyteller 6 – JR – ‘Stan’ – evaluated by TH
Storyteller 7 – SC – ‘Aeromodelling control line’ evaluated by DS

The vote counting and awards presentation were by JR.
A palest pink cyclamen was presented to LH for his story.
A pink cyclamen was presented to TH for her evaluation.
These prizes were generously offered by the Chair and most
accomplished gardener, CAW.

It was a very lively and contented gathering.



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