Meeting 19th June

On a balmy and wet midsummer evening our competent chair TH took the helm
and guided us through another evening of learning, listening and laughing –
and much more.

Our introductions and fill-in material were appropriately
to the subject of: ‘midsummer’

We welcome CB who is the latest person to join NNSC. We hope that
he enjoys his learning experience.

For our inspiration CS read the poem ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling

Ah Counter – CLW, Timer – SR
Wordmaster – CAW with the word ‘bruise’

The prepared speeches were as follows:
Speaker 1 – LG with ‘Our Trip to India’ (Powerpoint presentation) evaluated by CLW
Speaker 2 – SR with ‘The End of the Line’ evaluated by TH

Our Two Minute Topics master DM issued various topics
for our members including:

What is the most unusual food you have ever eaten?
Who is the most unusual member of your family?
If everyone was to read just one book, what would it be?
If you could bring one famous person back, who would it be?
What would be the best job for you?
What is your most unusual pet?
What do you currently collect?
What is your strangest fashion craze?

Two Minute Topics evaluation – LG

Awards presentation – CB

There was no Best Speech award as there were
only two speeches

Best Topic – CS
Best Evaluator  –  TH for Speaker 2 evaluation

General Evaluator – JW

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