Meeting 22nd May

Our able Chair CAW asked us to introduce ourselves with reminiscences about
food from our past. Much nostalgic stodge was served to great amusement.
An excellent introduction.

SR2 gave us the inspiration by juxtaposing the terrors and exhilaration of a skiing
trip with speaking in front of an audience. A personal, imaginative, and thoughtful
concept which was very well received.

Ah Counter – TH, Timer – CLW
Wordmaster – DS with the word ‘passion’

Our prepared speeches were replaced by an Extraordinary Business Session / Committee
meeting ‘light’ lead by DM. DM gave Treasurer’s report, CLW Membership, TH Education.
Lively discussion of Club matters ensued. All participated. JR duly thanked for managing our Facebook page which is effective and encouraged our guest C to attend.

Our Two Minute Topics Master SR2 inspired all speakers. The topics chosen
were Modes of Transport including:

Hot Air Baloons
Hiking Boots

Two Minute Topics evaluation – carried out very proficiently by DS

Awards presentation – JR

There was no Best Speech award as there were
only two speeches

Best Topic – Our guest C – well done!

General Evaluator – JR

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