Meeting 30th January

On a frosty evening with a sprinkling of snow but also the welcome glimmer of
longer daylight, our chair CAW warmed us with her usual capable charm. As we only had one speaker, we decided to have a bumper session of Two Minute Topics instead.
A good time was had by all.

Introductions were to the question: ‘Tell us how you are helping save the planet’

For our inspiration, SR read a diary entry warning about television from 1960

Ah Counter – SR, Timer – CLW
Wordmaster – LH with the word ‘perfect’

The prepared speech was as follows:
Speaker 1 – DM with ‘Do you smell?’ evaluated by LH

As we only had one prepared speech it was decided to have a double Two Minute Topics session. Topics master LG asked members to pick a topic from the tankard including:

The first session evaluated by SR were choices:
Radio or TV
Book or magazine
Digital music or vinyl
Cereal or cooked breakfast
Walk or bus trip
Email or letter
Bath or shower
Dog or cat

The second session evaluated by TH were favourites:
My favourite sport
My favourite book
My favourite drink
My favourite piece of music
My favourite place
My favourite animal

There was no voting and hence no awards

General Evaluator – JR

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