Meeting 29th August

Baby Please Don’t Go was the theme for our meeting last night. Our chair DM
steered us smoothly through yet another most pleasant evening in the Library.
His recent trip to N Ireland provided ample fill-in material.

We said goodbye to JT and wish him well at University but we also welcomed JW
who has joined NNSC.

Introductions were to the question: ‘What are you going to miss?’

For our inspiration, JW read a poem called ‘Never stop being you’ by Terrie Brushette.

Ah Counter – JR, Timer – JT
Wordmaster – JR with the word ‘alacrity’

The prepared speeches were as follows:
LG with ‘My favourite journey’ evaluated by DM
SR with ‘Unusual – our family?’ evaluated by TH

Our Two Minute Topics master LG used the theme of ‘favourites’ and asked members to
talk about their favourite: board game, piece of music, sweets, book, flower, meal, sport.

Two Minute Topics evaluation – JR

Awards presentation – TH

There was no Best speech award as there were
only two speeches

Best Topic – JT
Best Evaluator  –  JR – Two Minute Topics evaluation

General Evaluator – CLW

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