Meeting 25th April

An unusual evening with April showers, the use of the club computer and projector
plus the unexpected puncture dealt with during the break.
Despite all this our chair LG was not phased at all and chaired a flawless meeting.
Much trivia and fill-in material relevant to the date of April 25th was used.

Introductions were to the question: Do you have any tips for keeping youthful?

For our inspiration, JR read a self penned poem called ‘A Rose’

Ah Counter – CAW, Timer – CLW
Wordmaster – SR with the word ‘willy-nilly’

The prepared speeches were as follows:
DM with ‘It’s the way we’ve always done it’ evaluated by CAW
CLW with ‘Beautiful British Bulbs’ evaluated by TH

Our Two Minute Topics master JR asked members to pick a subject from her titfer (hat)
with nouns including:

A Meal
A Child
A House
A Drink

Two Minute Topics evaluation – PB

Awards presentation – JR

As both speakers were consulted and willing, a vote was taken
for best speech and the trophy duly awarded…

Best speech – DM
Best Topic – TH
Best Evaluator  –  PB – Two Minute Topics evaluation

General Evaluator – KB

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