Meeting 28th March

Today was the funeral of the great entertainer Sir Kenneth Arthur Dodd.
As a celebration of the joy that he brought us over 7 decades, our Chair SR
used the theme of ‘Happiness’ for the meeting.

Introductions were to the question: What brings you happiness?

For our inspiration, LG read ‘Time’ by Joyce Grenfell.

Ah Counter – DM, Timer – CAW
Wordmaster – TH with the word ‘wobble’

The prepared speeches were as follows:
TH with ‘Love is’ evaluated by JR
CLW with ‘Love them or Hate them it’s yours ‘ evaluated by LG

Our Two Minute Topics master CAW asked us to weave stories from the titles of ~
Fairy Tales such as:

Beauty and the Beast
Peter Pan
Jack the Giant Killer
Snow White
Sleeping Beauty
Hansel and Gretel

Awards presentation – JM

There was no  Best Speech award as there were only two speeches

Best Topic – SR
Best Evaluator  –  CLW – Two Minute Topics evaluation

General Evaluator – DM

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