Meeting 14th February

On a cold, wet and windy St Valentines evening we were warmed with talk of romance and in particular the history of wedding traditions. Under the most competent guidance of our chair CAW, introductions were to the question: Tell us about your St. Valentines story…

A big welcome to our latest member JM who has decided to join our flock. He was duly presented with the coveted ASC badge and pencil.
Greetings also to returning guests JT and ID.

For our inspiration, GS read some uplifting words on a theme of getting up, getting out and doing things to get the magic going.

Ah Counter – CLW, Timer – DM
Wordmaster – PB with the word ‘ebullient’

The prepared speeches were as follows:
KB with ‘Universal Law’ evaluated by CLW
SR with ‘Porky Pies’ evaluated by TH

Yet another random bunch from our Topics Master SR including:

A Tesla car launched into space – haven’t we got enough junk there?
Winter Olympics, North Korea, South Korea, tell us about your career
Do you have any tips on de-cluttering?
What sport would you add to the Winter Olympics?
Tell us about your breakfast
If you could change one law – what would it be?

Awards presentation – JM

There was no  Best Speech award as there were only two speeches

Best Topic – JT
Best Evaluator  –  DM (Topics evaluation)

General Evaluator – PB

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