Meeting 31st January

Another enjoyable meeting with fun and frivolity as well as two most enjoyable
prepared speeches. Enough to warm the heart on the coldest of evenings.
Our Chair TH did an admirable job of keeping us in order and pleasantly amused
throughout the meeting.

Greetings to our returning guest JM!

Introductions were to the question: ‘Who do you enjoy listening to?’

For our inspirational thought LG read the poem ‘Warning’ by Jenny Joseph.

Ah Counter – PB, Timer – SR
Wordmaster – DM with the word ‘enlighten’

The prepared speeches were as follows:
CLW with ‘F.A.F’ evaluated by DM
PB with ‘A walk in the park’ evaluated by JR

As the Antiques Roadshow is due to visit Cromer soon, our Topics master used
the theme of antiques for last night’s session asking members to talk about
various items including:

A timepiece
A painting
A piece of jewellery
A piece of furniture
A toy
An ornament

Awards presentation – JR

There was no  Best Speech award as there were only two speeches

Best Topic – CAW
Best Evaluator  –  CAW (Topics evaluation)
Well done to that woman!

General Evaluator – LG

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