Meeting 25th October

In the midst of chaos caused by a late start due by computer problems, our chair LG
guided us calmly using a theme of ’10’ – as she has been with NNSC for ten years now!
Introductions were to the question: ‘What were you doing 10 years ago?’

For our inspirational thought GS read ‘Thought of the Day’ by Jill Harrison

Duties: Timer – GS,  Ah Counter – TH
Wordmaster – DM with the word ‘inspire’

The prepared speeches were as follows:

TH with ‘Sex, Power and Socks’ evaluated by CLW
PB with ‘The Token Male’ evaluated by CAW
PR with ‘Signs of the Times’ a presentation using the projector

Our Topics master, SR posed various questions including:

Driverless cars and lorries – what’s this all about?
Tell us why you joined NNSC
If there was an imminent disaster at your house, what belongings would you take?
What are you doing to save the planet?

Awards – CLW

There was no  Best Speech award as there were only two speeches
Best Topic – GS
Best Evaluator  –  CAW (Speaker 2 evaluation)

General Evaluator – JR

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