Meeting 11th October

Another small but most select group of members met in the Library last night under the gentle but professional guidance of our chair KB. The theme was ‘inventions’ and our introductions to the question: Which invention is important in your life?

Answers ranged from the humble paperclip through Marmite to radio and cars!

For our inspirational thought CLW read a poem by Robert Frost called
‘The Objection of Being Stepped On’

Duties: Timer – LG,  Ah Counter – DM
Wordmaster – SR with the word ‘discombobulate’

The prepared speeches were as follows:
LG with ‘A Kukri Lesson’ evaluated by DM
PR with ‘Signs of the Times’ evaluated by SR

As October is the tenth month of the year, our Topics master, PR posed various questions,
each including the word ‘ten’ as subjects for our topics including:

What good intentions have you not fulfilled?
What issues in life might cause you to have a militant tendency?
Did you ever get detention at school?
What’s your favourite sustenance?
What causes matter to you in terms of personal tenacity?

Awards – GS

There was no  Best Speech award as there were only two speeches
Best Topic – LG
Best Evaluator  –  CLW (Table Topics evaluation)

General Evaluator – CAW

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