Meeting 27th September

The Autumnal darkness was with us again as we gathered in the library with the very capable PB in charge of proceedings. His theme for the meeting was ‘walking’ in all shapes and forms with some fascinating statistics thrown in for good measure.

Introductions were to the question: ‘Who would be your ideal walking companion?’

For our inspiration CLW read a self penned poem called about Ryanair

Duties: Timer – CLW,  Ah Counter – TH
Wordmaster – LG with the word ‘positive’

The prepared speeches were as follows:
KB with ‘The story of the dress’ evaluated by LG
CAW with ‘Social Housing’ evaluated by TH

Our Topics master, SR posed various random questions including:

What clothes would you not be seen dead in?
How much would you spend to have your pet repaired?
Do you have any tips for coping with the winter blues?
Eastern European Hand Car Wash or bucket and sponge?
Are you an online or High Street shopper?
What’s on your bucket list?

Awards – CAW

There was no  Best Speech award as there were only two speeches
Best Topic – PR
Best Evaluator  –  TH (Speech 2 evaluation)

General Evaluator – PR

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