Meeting 16th August

On another warm August evening our chair SR talked about hobbies and pastimes.
For the introductions we were asked ‘what do you make or do in your spare time?’

For our fill-in material we were told of various ‘courses’ available at Assington Mill
in Suffolk.

We had the pleasure of a visit from our guest speaker EH who talked about
his recent visit to Auschwitz. A very sombre and thought provoking speech…

For our invocation CLW read ‘Powers that Bee’
According to a scientist
The bumblebee should not exist
Because his weight exceeds his lift
– I’m glad I’m not a scientist!

Duties: Timer – JR,  Ah Counter – PB
Wordmaster – LG with the word ‘delight’

The prepared speeches were as follows:
CLW with ‘One ship – two names’ evaluated by KB
Guest speaker EH with ‘A man’s search for hope’ evaluated by PB

Our Topics Master KB used the theme of ‘tables’ for our topics including:
The Periodic Table
Refectory Table
Table mountain
A nest of tables

Table Topics evaluator – CAW

Awards – presented by JR
There was no Best Speech award.
Best Topic – SR
Best Evaluator – PB (Speech 2 evaluation)

General Evaluator – TH

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