Meeting 19th July

On another hot July evening our chair LG used the theme of all things British and introductions were to the question:
‘What do you like about being British?

For our invocation JR discussed and recited The Lord’s Prayer.

Duties: Timer – GS,  Ah Counter – PB
Wordmaster – JR with the word ‘inculcate’

The prepared speeches were as follows:
TH with ‘Today’s special – Humble Pie’ evaluated by LG
CAW with Am I really Happy? evaluated by JR
CLW with ‘Tardigrade’ evaluated by PB

Our Topics Master SR posed various random questions including:
If you had a remote control for your partner – which functions would you use?
Would you buy an electric car?
Do you consider yourself a good driver?
What’s your guilty pleasure?
Tell us about something or someone that really annoys you
What one thing sets you apart from others?

Topics evaluator – PB

Best Speech  – CAW
Best Topic – DM
Best Evaluator  –  PB (Speech 3 & Topics evaluation)

Awards presenter – CAW
General Evaluator – DM

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