Meeting 7th June

On a warm summer’s evening our gentle but most capable Chair for the evening CAW used the theme of motoring, being the proud owner of her new car – enjoy!

For our introductions were asked to talk about a car that we have owned…

A big welcome to GS who has now become a member of North Norfolk Speakers Club.

The invocation was some appropriate Election material from Douglas Adam’s 4th book, read by PB.

Duties: Timer – CLW,  Ah Counter – SR
Wordmaster – LG with the word ‘enjoy’

The prepared speeches were as follows:
KB with ‘A Charmed Life’ evaluated by DM
LG with ‘Breakfast – the best meal of the day’ evaluated by PB

Our Topics Master CLW posed questions on the continuing theme of ‘motoring’ including:
Was your first car your worst car and did you give it a name?
Do you rely on a Sat Nav or a good old fashioned map?
When arriving home do you reverse in or not?
Are you interested in new makes of car?
Was your latest car bought on looks, economy or price and was it a hard decision?
Are you a big car or a small car person?
Have you driven on the Hardknott Pass and if so what are your memories?

Table Topics evaluator – JR

Awards – presented by DM
There was no Best Speech award as there were only two speeches
Best Topic – SR
Best Evaluator  –  PB (speech 2 evaluation)

General Evaluator – KB

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