Meeting 24th May

On a warm spring evening our Chair TH steered us gently through another evening of speaking pleasantries at the library.

For our introductions we were asked to give our views on the retirement of the Duke of Edinburgh. His many superb inappropriate gaffs over the years provided laughter inducing fill-in material.

We had the pleasure of two returning guests GS & SM, we hope they enjoyed the evening and hope to see them again soon.

For our invocation CLW read a poem called ‘The Indispensable Man’
by Saxon White Kessinger

Duties: Timer – JR,  Ah Counter – CAW
Wordmaster – CAW with the word ‘TRUMP’

Evaluators: CLW & DM

The prepared speeches were as follows:
PB with ‘A day in the life’
JR with ‘Making a stand’

Our Topics Master PR posed questions on the theme of ‘imagination’ including:
Explain the experience of flying to a 13 year old
Explain the game of cricket to an African who has never seen it before
Explain the Norfolk sense of humour to an American
Explain how the Internet works to an 89 year old
Describe the night sky to a blind person
Explain the mystery of haggis – to a Russian

Table Topics evaluator – KB

There was no Best Speech award as there were only two speeches
Best Topic – CLW
Best Evaluator  –  KB (Topics evaluation)

Awards presenter – PB
General Evaluator – SR

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