Meeting 10th May

On a warm spring evening our Chair KB used the theme of ‘Health’ and introductions were to the question: What one thing keeps you happy and healthy?

We had the pleasure of two visitors to our meeting, namely Keith Dickerson from Colchester speakers and Andrew Gee from Speakers of Felixstowe. It was great to meet members from other ASC clubs and to compare notes on how club meetings are run.

We hope they arrived back home safely in their electric car and look forward to seeing them again.

The invocation was a positive health pledge read by KB.

Duties: Timer – CAW,  Ah Counter – CLW
Wordmaster – DM with the word ‘reminisce’

Evaluators: LG, TH & KD

The prepared speeches were as follows:
CLW with ‘How did I get here?’
CAW with ‘I am an anachronism’
SR with ‘A bit about me’

Our Topics Master TH posed various topical subjects including:
Have we had enough of elections?
Should our politicians be attractive?
How do you rate our politician’s speaking skills?
Have you forgiven us for Boudicca and the bad boys?
How do you rate our chances in the Eurovision Song contest?

Table Topics evaluator – DM

Best Speech  – CAW
Best Topic – AG
Best Evaluator  –  DM (Topics evaluation)

Awards presenter – LG
General Evaluator – AG

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