Meeting 12th April

It was a distinctly different feel at the library last night with the arrival of our new IT equipment kindly brought and arranged by our chair DM. As he was suffering from a long working day, the introductions were to the question:
‘When was the last time you felt like a zombie?’

For our invocation, CAW read an ‘uplifting’ poem heard at a service on a cruise.

Duties: Timer – PR,  Ah Counter – TH
Wordmaster – JR with the word ‘salty’

Evaluators: SR & CAW
General Evaluator – CLW

The prepared speeches were as follows:
PR with ‘Before I begin’
JW with ‘Hidden in plain sight’

As we had to vacate the library early there were no Topics or presentation of awards,
instead we watched some speech contest winners using our new laptop, projector and screen.

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