Meeting 29th March

Our Chair PR used the theme of names on this our last meeting under the auspices of Toastmasters International. Introductions were to the question: Why were you named as you were?
There was lots of fill in material with examples of ‘aptonyms’ – eg a person’s name that is regarded as amusingly appropriate to their occupation.

The invocation was also by PR and included the line:
‘When God created time, he created enough of it.

Duties: Timer – CLW,  Ah Counter – DM
Wordmaster – TH with the word ‘whim’

Evaluators: TH, DM & JW

The prepared speeches were as follows:
KB with ‘Our adventures in New Zealand Part 1’
SP with ‘A modern Fairy tale’
JR with ‘Where is safety?

Our Topics Master KB posed various random topics by asking chosen members
to select a coloured pen from a mug. Each pen was linked to a topic including:
A star gazing project with professor Cox.
Does watching nature make you feel happy?
Cruising all night and kayaking all day. Love it or loathe it?
It’s been suggested that beavers can help against flooding. Are you for it or against it?
Today Theresa May sent the letter to leave the EU and we as a club are leaving TI.
Comment about either.
What is the most magnificent building to you?
Electricity pylons – iconic or ugly?

Table Topics evaluator – CLW

Best Speech  – SR
Best Topic – JO
Best Evaluator  –  DM (Speaker 2 evaluation)

Awards presenter – KB
General Evaluator – JR

Another thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all.

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