Meeting 1st March

There was a distinct shortage of members last night but again no shortage of
enthusiasm and laughter. Lots of doubling (or even trebling) of duties just added
to the general enjoyment.
Our most capable chair CLW used the theme of school reports. Introductions were
to the question ‘tell us about your school reports’.
There was a plethora of amusing school reports during the evening’s activities.

For our invocation, CLW read the poem ‘I rely on you’

Duties: Timer – LG,  Ah Counter – DM
Wordmaster – DM with the word ‘optimist’

Evaluators: DM & CLW
General Evaluator – PR

The prepared speeches were as follows:
SR with ‘The Legend of Malcolm Hood’
JW with ‘A Comic Life’ (Icebreaker speech)

For our Topics LG gave us various choices on the theme of school including:

School – did you love it or hate it?
Uniform or no uniform?
Tell me about a teacher at your school
What was your favourite lesson?

Awards – LG

Because of just two prepared speeches there was no Best Speech award
Best Topic – SR
Best Evaluator  –  CLW

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