Meeting 15th February

Our Chair this evening was LG and what was the theme on the day after Valentine’s day?
For our introductions we were asked to talk about our experiences / feelings on this
particular occasion.
There was lots of interesting fill in material about St Valentine and associated factoids.

For our invocation, our chair read a poem called Outlook by Priscilla Leonard

In the Business Session we had our first trip up ‘Derivation Drive’
with the subject ‘Happy as a Sandboy’

Duties: Timer – TH,  Ah Counter – JO
Wordmaster – JW with the word ‘desist’

Evaluators: CLW & DM
General Evaluator – CLW

The prepared speeches were as follows:
SR with ‘Stu’s Money Saving Tips’
JO with ‘Fickle & Fads’

For our Table Topics CAW asked us to talk about the following:

Why a pet amuses you
Recommend a place for a UK holiday
Tell us about keeping fit in later years
The most enjoyable part of your career
Talk about cooking your favourite meal
Talk about a romantic tale
Talk about a business trip

Awards – TH

Because of just two prepared speeches there was no Best Speech award
Best Table Topic – JW
Best Evaluator  –  JW  (Topics evaluation)
Well done to JW for winning the two awards!

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