ASC Charter – 1st February

A special evening indeed as North Norfolk Speakers Club was formally Chartered into the Association of Speakers Clubs – ASC. We had the pleasure of Mr Lindsay Dutch and partner who travelled from Yorkshire to visit our club and present us with the charter certificate.

Our President SR was also presented with the ASC gong.

Our chair (and also wordmaster) for the evening was PB who convened the evening with his usual masterful manner.

Introductions were to the question:
If you were to write a book – what would it be about?

We had the pleasure of 2 guests last night, JG & JM. We hope they enjoyed the evening and look forward to seeing them again.

JR read a poem that she had written entitled: ‘Island of Diversity’

Duties: Timer – CLW,  Ah Counter – TH
Wordmaster – PB with the word ‘spirit’

Evaluators: CAW, TH & JO

The prepared speeches were as follows:
PR with ‘Bard and me’
LG with an acceptance speech from Special Occasions manual
SR with ‘Tales of a Sporting Nature’

Our Topics Master – devious Dave posed various random questions:
Who is your role model?
What journey do you want to make?
Are we losing the art of listening?
What is cluttering up your life?
Is it ethical to eat meat?
How full is your glass?

Topics evaluator – JR

Best Speech  – PR
Best Table Topic – PB
Best Evaluator  –  JO (speaker 3 evaluation)

Awards presenter – JW
General Evaluator – KB

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