Christmas Nibbles 7th December

Last night was a particularly relaxed and possibly chaotic meeting with more than the usual spattering of laughter, thanks to our Toastie JD.
Although we didn’t have a Wordmaster as such, the word ‘constable’ (mispronunciation of comestible) came into play with much amusement.

It was good to have our two guests SM & SP again. We hope they enjoyed the evening and
we look forward to seeing them again.

For the introductions we were asked for one or (possibly two) words to evoke Christmas.

For our invocation JR read an untitled but uplifting poem that she had written.

Duties: Timer – SR,  Ah Counter – DM

TH introduced our session of Charades including:
The unwanted present
Brussel sprouts
The Queen’s speech
The snowflake
Santa’s little helper
Fairy on the tree
Mulled wine

After an extended break for tea and nibbles it was time for our Pass the Parcel
Twinkly Table Topics in which we passed a parcel until the music stopped – skilfully operated by Mater. Whoever was left with the parcel had to unwrap it revealing an edible gift and a topic to speak about including:

What is your favourite Christmas carol?
Do you have a Christmas morning ritual?
Your favourite after dinner party game?
Have you ever had a present that you didn’t want or like?
Are you a traditional or alternative dessert person?
What would you like to find in your Christmas cracker?
What do you do on Boxing day?

Awards presenter – LG

Best Charade – JR
Best Table Topic – KB (potato swinging!)

Many thanks to LG for organising the food and for all who brought in such splendid nibbles. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

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