Meeting 26th October

With the autumnal hour change approaching, our Toastmaster LG used the theme of the clocks changing with some interesting facts and anecdotes.
Introductions were to the question: Do you like the short days of winter or the long days of summer and have you any amusing tales to tell about the hour changing?
There were some very amusing tales indeed!

We had the pleasure of 2 guests last night, JW, ID and of course Mater. we hope they enjoyed the evening and look forward to seeing them again.

The invocation was a short poem on the wrong or right road read by CLW

Duties: Timer – DM,  Ah Counter – AP
Wordmaster – LC with the word ‘obsolete’

Evaluators: TH, AP, JO, CAW
General Evaluator – KB

The prepared speeches were as follows:
JR with ‘Tales of Tinkers Field’
PR with ‘A Lady of Note’
CLW with ‘Numbers and Acronyms’

Our Table Topics Master JD was inspired by topics found in the newspaper including:
Are our footballers really worth the amount they are paid?
Do you have a favourite photo and if so what is it?
Do you believe in taking vitamins and minerals and do you think there is a placebo effect?
Christmas trees – black, green or silver – are you a traditionalist or or a modernist?
If you had a chance to fill a room with £30,000 worth of items – what would you choose?

Awards – JR

Best Speech  – JR
Best Table Topic – JO
Best Evaluator  –  TH (speaker 1 evaluation)

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