Meeting 25th May

On a damp dreary May evening our Toastmaster JD was a breath of fresh air and managed to keep the slightly boisterous members in check. A wonderfully chaotic evening!
The theme of the evening was 1966 and introductions were to the question:
‘What was special about the year you were born – or indeed 1966?

It was good to see guests NL & TP. We hope they enjoyed the evening and
look forward to seeing them again soon.

For our invocation CLW read a poem entitled ‘Wishing Stars’

Duties: Timer – DM,  Ah Counter – CAW
Wordmaster – PB with the word ‘fortitude’

Evaluators: LG, KB & LC
General Evaluator – PR

The prepared speeches were as follows:
CLW with ‘A tumble to fortune’ – a modern fable
AP with ‘On the doorstep’
TP with ‘Winners never quit’

Our Table Topics master, JO posed various random topics including:

An alien spaceship lands in your garden – what would you do?
Is it better to speak your mind or show restraint?
You’ve been given a time machine – which year would you choose to visit and why?
Is winning or taking part the most important thing?
Is it ever ok to cheat?

Awards – JO

Best Speech  – TP (from NSC)
Best Table Topic – PR
Best Evaluator  –  KB (speech 2 evaluation)


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