Meeting 17th February – with Norman Lamb

Our Toastmaster PR conducted the meeting in his usual warm and embracing manner,
introductions were to the question: What have you regretted saying?
There was also lots of interesting fill-in material on the English language, punctuation etc.

We again had the pleasure of 4 guests last night, Norman Lanb, Sue Eastman, Helen and Louise. We hope they enjoyed the evening and look forward to seeing them again.

Norman Lamb enjoyed his visit to the club and said a few encouraging words before making his exit. Summing up our club he said ‘It’s fantastic, a great skill to develop’

For the invocation AP read the poem ‘Pictures in your Head’ by Iris Henderson

Duties: Timer – DM,  Ah Counter – JO
Wordmaster – KB with the word ’embellish’

Evaluators: JO, LG, KB
General Evaluator – TH

The prepared speeches were as follows:
JD with ‘The Benidorm Buggy’
DM with ‘Time Management’
PB with ‘What a lot of balls ’

Table Topics Master SR transported us to a desert island posing questions including:
What is your island like?
How would you survive on the island?
How would you manage for clothing?
What one luxury item would you choose?
What would you miss most?

Awards – PR

Best Speech  – PB
Best Table Topic – Louise
Best Evaluator  –  KB (speech 3 evaluation)

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