Meeting 14th October

On a wet and windy October evening, our Toastmaster TH steered us safely through yet another evening of multitasking and laughter using a theme of ‘collecting’.
Introductions were to the theme of: ‘What must you bring home with you?’

We also had the pleasure of our Area 25 Director SE for her first of two club visits, and also AM from Norwich Speakers Club.

Duties: Timer – DM,  Ah Counter – MB,  Wordmaster – CLW with the word ‘feckless’

Evaluators: SR, LC, KB, JO & CAW

The prepared speeches were as follows:
MB with ‘Fings ain’t what they used to be’
JD with ‘Walk with your head held high’
PB with ‘Harry, Polly and Long john Silver’

Table Topic Master CLW provided some down to earth, topical themes including:

Changes regarding carrier bags – how does this affect you?
What is your favourite item of clothing?
What will you do with your bumper crop of apples?
What was your favourite school subject?
Divorced millions – how would you spend yours?

Awards – SE

Best Speech  – JD
Best Table Topic – SE
Best Evaluator  –  KB (Speaker 3 evaluation)

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