Meeting 16th September

Our Toastmaster CAW used the theme of ‘Bless the Bride and Groom’ for the meeting on a cool wet September evening. Introductions were to the question about ideas for weddings.

CAW congratulated JO and MB for their valiant efforts at the recent Area contest.

Duties: Timer – DL  Ah Counter – JO  Wordmaster – PR with the word ‘splurge’

Evaluators: PR, PB, MB, CLW & SR

Awards – JR

For our Invocation CLW read out a short ditty: ‘its the early bird that gets the worm
– but its the second mouse that gets the cheese’ – thought provoking indeed!

The prepared speeches were as follows:
DM with ‘S L U G S’
AP with   ‘Fabric to Icing’
KB with ‘The Pedlar of Swaffham’

Table Topic Master LG provided several topics woven on a theme of various recent events in her life…

What would you like to come back as?
Should we have the choice when it comes to dying?
Hot or cold weather?
Do you like eating outside?
Where would you like to go?
Have you any quirky family traditions?

Best Speech  – KB
Best Table Topic – PR
Best Evaluator  –  PB

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