Meeting 22nd July

Our Toastmaster PR (wearing a We’re Doomed apron) treated us to a Walmington on Sea Dad’s Army special last night. Lots of fascinating fill in material to keep things flowing.
Introductions were to the question ‘How did you cope with a panic situation?

It was good to see our two guests AR & MB and we hope they will visit us again.

Our Grammarian PB chose the word ‘rank’

CLW read out various humorous news clippings in the form of quotations

Toastmaster Tips #1 – Make regular checks to your contact lists on your phone and computer. Don’t forget to check the email groups as well! Delete details of members that leave and add those of new members.

The prepared speeches were as follows:

‘Readings from Under Milk Wood’ by CAW
‘My Mini-break Adventure’ by JO
‘Cheers’ by DB

Our Table Topics Master GB used a theme of celebrity/famous people
posing such questions as:

What would your big invention be?
What would be the theme of your best seller?
Where are you going to explore?
What crime would you be prepared to commit?
What ingredients would your signature dish contain?

Table Topics Evaluator – TH
Award Presenter – MB
General evaluator – AP

Best Speech  – CAW
Best Table Topic – AR
Best Evaluator  – TH (Table Topics)

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