Meeting 13th May

PB was the man in charge last night and unusually we were given a dual
choice of subjects for our introductions –
Which author would you like to be and why? or
Which sports person would you like to be and why?
We were treated to lots of humorous fill in material – mainly gaffs by sports
people and commentators!

The word ‘frugal’  was chosen by our Grammarian CLW

‘Words’ were the subject of our invocation by PR

The prepared speeches were as follows:

‘Big Bang Theory’ by SR
‘Paws for Thought’ by DM
‘A Different Understanding’ by KB

Our Table Topic Master EH asked members to chose a picture
of a well known person/event and construct a Table Topic around them.
The pictures included:

Jeremy Clarkson
Nelson Mandela
The Beatles
Russell Brand
The US Moon Landing
Diana Princess of Wales

Best Speech  – KB
Best Table Topic – DM
Best Evaluator  –  CAW (speaker 1 evaluation)

General evaluator: TH

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