Meeting 29th April

Our Toastmaster JO chose ‘chocolate’ for her theme last night with introductions to the question: What is the best use for chocolate? – which stimulated some interesting responses!

The word ‘mellifluous’  was chosen by our Grammarian GB

For our Invocation DOT talked about ‘Choosing our friends carefully’

The prepared speeches were as follows:

‘A Moving Tale’ by PR
‘Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech’ by CAW
‘Small furry Animals’ by CLW

Our Table Topic Master TH offered some election flavoured topics including:

Do you feel sorry for the young of today?
Is there a place for sexual campaigning?
Do you think Ed Miliband is weird?
Should the poll pundits be put out of their misery?
What would you ban immediately if elected?
Have you felt the need for chocolate or something stronger to dull the senses?
What would you like to do to Russell Brand?

Best Speech  – CAW
Best Table Topic – MH
Best Evaluator  –  DB (Table Topics Evaluation)

General evaluator: MB

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