Meeting 15th April

We were treated to an ornithological delight last night by our Toastmaster CLW with introductions to the question: What is your favourite garden bird?

The word ‘sylvan’  was chosen by our Grammarian MB

Our Invocation was a short reading by TH

The prepared speeches were as follows:

‘Forbidden Fantasies’ by TH
‘Oh for a Quiet Life’ by SR
‘My Life so Far’ by Dot

Table Topic Master MH posed various random topics including:

How much choice do we really need in supermarkets?
Are Loyalty Cards for you?
If you were offered a one way trip to Mars – would you like it?
If you could fly in a hot air balloon over any city – which one and why?
What would you say to yourself at the age of 10?
If you could be any age again for a week what would it be and why?
Do you think a little white lie is ok?

Best Speech  – TH
Best Table Topic – JO
Best Evaluator  –  AP (Table Topics Evaluation)

General evaluator: CAW

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