Area Contest 1st April

The library at North Walsham High School was rearranged last night for the Area International Speech and Evaluation contest. Our members put on an impressive and mouthwatering spread of food for our guests some of whom drove from the most remote corners of Norfolk!
It was good to see so many friendly faces from the other clubs in the area.

Our most capable DM was Contest Chair for the evening and we had the pleasure of hearing five top notch speeches as follows:

‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ JH (Dereham)
‘Hobbies and Pastimes’ JH Brandon
‘The Red Coat’ AM Norwich
‘We Become What We Believe’ KOT Brandon
‘Sodium Odium’ PR NNSC

The winners were as follows:
2nd JH Dereham
1st MH Norwich

After the break the Evaluation contest was held again chaired by our DM.
The excellent test speech ‘Jump in with Both Feet’ was given by DL (Norwich)

The results of the Evaluation contest were as follows:
3rd SS Brandon
1st MH Norwich

AM and MH will go on to the  Division G International speech & Evaluation Contest – held at Hemmingford Abbots Golf Club on Saturday 18th April – we wish them both well!

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