Meeting 4th March

Our Toastmaster GB brought the theme of ‘Mad March’ to the meeting
last night and introductions were to the question:
“What would you do if you could do something ‘mad’ in March?” – in seven words.

The word ‘plush’  was chosen by our Grammarian AP

For our Invocation DMc chose the theme of ‘prejudice’, related to the
Toastmasters’ judging code, but suggesting that this could be related to life as a whole.

In the business session DMc reminded members that the next two
meeting  dates will be taken up by firstly a club and then a regional competition,
so the next ‘normal’ meeting will not be until 15th April.
Members  were asked to offer their services to both of the competition events.

The prepared speeches were as follows:

Michael Booth with a speech entitled:
‘Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is wandering’
Jennie Dowse with a speech entitled: ‘Fifty shades of grey on TV’
Louise Carter with a speech entitled: ‘Mini-motivators’

Table Topic Master TH used a theme of clothing, setting the topics:

Your first school uniform
Navy-blue knickers and white socks
The sailor suit
What garment would you not be seen dead in?
If you could choose anything, what would you wear?
What was your bride wearing when you first met her?

Best Speech  – MB
Best Table Topic – Guest Julie
Best Evaluator  –  PR (Table Topics Evaluation)

General evaluator: KB

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