Hot Toast Newsletter No 2

Fellow NNSC Toastmasters, welcome to the second issue of the Hot Toast Newsletter from North Norfolk Speakers’ Club – timed to coincide with the vertical thrusting of crocuses or croci.

On March 18th we have the International Speech and Evaluation Contest at club level. The finals of this contest will be held at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada on August 12-15, 2015! This is a great experience to raise your game and speak in a different environment to an unfamiliar audience. Please note that contestants for the International Speech Contest are required to have completed six projects from their Competent Communication Manual.

We also need an enthusiastic, supportive audience and there are roles to be filled such as judges, counters and ushers if you feel like getting involved on the night.

It will soon be time to elect a new committee for North Norfolk Speakers Club. We need some new blood and the committee meetings are tremendous fun!
Just to remind you the club officers comprise as follows:

President (currently Dave McNaughter)
VP Education (currently Teresa Hoffmann)
VP Public Relations (currently Karen Battrick)
VP Membership (currently Stuart Richards)
Secretary (currently Paul Rosier)
Treasurer (currently Gillian Beecroft)
Sergeant at Arms (currently David Beecroft)

The duties of the above officers are explained at
If anyone wishes to be nominated for any of the above would they please email Dave McNaughter.


Club Officer Training in Dereham on Saturday 7th February was well attended  despite the cold (inside and outside)
Training was delivered by Peter Lawton (Area Governor) and David Beecroft also gave an excellent presentation on the role of Contest Chair.

Carolyn Williams now has a website for her speciality talks.
Take a look at this at:

Karen Battrick has joined Dementia Friends – a social action movement aiming to improve society’s understanding of dementia through five key messages.
As a Dementia Friends Champion, Karen will be delivering Information Sessions (45mins-1hr) filled with activities and discussions to friends, family and other groups, helping to improve the lives of people living with dementia.

This section is for members to advertise services such as speaking or training plus anything else to do with Toastmasters or speaking. Please contact me to be included here.

This section is for members who are looking for speaking opportunities, training etc.
Please contact me to be included here.

Please let me know if you have any comments, material or suggestions for Hot Toast and remember that the dates of club nights and forthcoming events can be found on the website at

Finally I would like to wish all contestants good luck on March 18th.

Editor – Stuart Richards CC
NNSC VP Membership

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