Meeting 18th February

Our Toastmaster AP brought the theme of Happiness to the meeting last night and introductions were to the question: What does happiness mean to you?

The word ‘milk’ was chosen by our Grammarian AB – and was well and truly milked!

For our Invocation a poem by Wendy Cope was read by CLW.

The prepared speeches were as follows:
PB with a speech entitled  ‘Aiming High’
KW with a speech entitled  ‘For the Love of a Good Speech’
WH with a speech entitled  ‘From dinners to Graves’

Table Topic Master LG used a theme of various events that occurred for her in February:

Do you think we’ve gone bonkers with birthdays?
Mother of the Bride – Heaven or Hell?
Valentines Day?
To be surprised or not surprised?
Are hyphenated surnames a good thing or a bad thing?
What would you give up to make yourself miserable?

Best Speech  – PB
Best Table Topic – TH
Best Evaluator  –  DL (Speech 2)

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