Meeting 4th February

As ever an enjoyable and entertaining evening, with a good turnout of members
under the watchful eye of our Toastmaster CAW. Introductions were to the question: ‘What gets you over the Winter/ February blues? which lifted the spirits and got everyone looking towards Spring.

For the Invocation KB  provided a  thought about Perception, with the help of a poem by Spike Milligan.

The prepared speeches were as follows:
DL with a speech entitled  ‘Alive and Twitching’
JO with a speech entitled  ‘Laughter, Tears and Entertainment’
PB with a speech entitled  ‘How I found Hot Chocolate and Learned to Love Technology’

PR provided a smorgasbord of Table Topics inspired by past February 4th events:

1938  The film Snow White  was released. Which one of the 7 dwarves are you most like, and why?
1959  The Barbie doll invented. Who would you most like to resemble  and why?
1931  Banks go bust. If you could not trust a bank with your money, what would you do with it?
1957  Smith- Corona portable typewriter. What have we lost with the invention of the word processor?
2004  Facebook. To Facebook or not? A social blessing or a curse, and why?
2013 Woman pants ban lifted in France. Is the world really run by women- and how do we know?
1932 Winter Olympics. If you could learn one winter sport, what would it be and why?

Best Speech  – Peter Battrick
Best Table Topic – Gillian Beecroft
Best Evaluator  –  Richard Moore (TT Evaluation)

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