Meeting 7th January

There was a distinctly fishy theme from our Toastmaster TH on the first meeting of 2015.

Following the expensive £300+ operation on a constipated goldfish by North Walsham veterinary surgeons, introductions were to the question: ‘What would you have done?’
Further unsavoury but interesting morsels of pet information were fed to us during the course of the evening…

For our invocation WH had some mindful thoughts on New Years Resolutions

‘Resolution’ was the word chosen by the Grammarian PB

Prepared speeches were by PR & KW
(There was no Best Speech award as there were only two prepared speeches)

Table Topics Master JO posed some questions of a mainly
festive nature including:
What on earth were they thinking? (in regard to a certain present)
What food do you not wish to see until next Christmas?
What famous person would you want to spend your New Years Eve with?
If money were no object – where would you travel to?
If you were Prime Minister what one thing would you change?
What is the one thing that you are going to do this year?
Do you enjoy the cold weather?

Best Table Topic award went to MB
Best Evaluator award went to RM (for prepared speech 2)

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