Meeting 29th October

Our Toastmaster last night was KB who delighted us with gifts of apples (plus banana) and entertained us with many well crafted puns and jokes involving mainly apples!

Introductions were to the question: What comes to mind when you think of apples?

The Invocation by KW explored the differences between ‘clock time and real time’

Our Grammarian SR chose the word ‘pithy’

Prepared speeches were by DL, CAW & AP

The Best Speech award went to DL for his speech entitled: ‘You Know it Makes Sense’

Our Table Topics Master AB posed various questions on a theme of emotions:

What really makes you feel happy and joyful?
What makes you feel inspired and motivated??
What do you find astonishing and mind boggling?
What in life makes you relax and feel at ease with the world?
What makes you irritated and annoyed?
What makes you angry and furious?

Well done to our guest K for joining in with our Table Topics session

Best Table Topic award went to CLW – for being angry and furious!
Best Evaluator award went to PR for his evaluation of speech 2

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