Meeting 20th August

A recent change in the weather marks the gradual slide into the darker months but
no signs of the cardigan as yet. DL was our Toastmaster at last night’s meeting and introductions were to the question: ‘What does success mean to you?’

Good to see so many guests again, we hope they enjoyed the evening and hope to see them again soon

For the invocation BM read from a book by Louise L Hay

Our Grammarian LC chose the word ‘loquacious’ which was well used!

Prepared speeches were by EH, LG, & CAW
The Best Speech award went to CAW for her reading of the poem ‘The Highwayman’

Table Topics Master TH posed some random topics such as:

Did you suffer from Parental Propaganda?
The traumas of wearing shorts
5 a Day – memories of school dinners
What early talents did you show?
Tell us your pheromone filled moments
Which pudding would you plunge into?

Best Table Topic award went to DB for the Pudding Plunge
Best Evaluator award went to AP for her evaluation of speech three

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