Meeting 16th April

We arrived at the meeting in blazing sunlight and a balmy 11°C – winter seems well and truly behind us now

Members were doubling up on duties and multitasking because of the low turnout –
well done everyone for that stiff upper lip approach!

Our Toastmaster TH used a theme of ‘Beards’ and the fill in material had a distinctly bushy feel about it. Did you know the word for a phobia of beards is : Pogonophobia?

Introductions were to the question: What do you feel about beards?

We are pleased to hear that KW has decided to join our ranks. A big welcome K
Also we were pleased to have SO as a guest and look forward to seeing her again soon.

The Invocation was a springtime poetic reading read by JC

Our Grammarian JC chose the word ‘stupendeous’

Prepared speeches were by PR, SR & AP
The Best Speech award went to PR for his Tommy Cooper themed
speech entitled: ‘The Chaos Theory’

Our Table Topics Master LC posed various questions on a theme of famous people and things:

Which world leader would you have dinner with?
Which famous film would you like to star in?
What famous place would you like to visit?
If you were the eighth dwarf – what would you be called?
What author would influence you as a writer?
What famous person would you bring back to life?
Which musician would you like to tour with?

Best Table Topic award went to AP
Best Evaluator award went to DL for his Speech & Table Topics Evaluation

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