Meeting 2nd April

Our arrival at the meeting was in full daylight and a comfortable 8°C which made a pleasant change

Our most competent Toastmaster PR used a theme of ‘words’ and introductions were to the question: what verbal faux pas have you made or heard other people make?

The Invocation by CLW – a tale of learning through fence repairs…

Our Grammarian DM chose the word ‘dandy’

Prepared speeches were by KB, GB & DB
The Best Speech award was a tie between KB for her speech entitled: ‘Breathing is the Key’
and GB for her speech entitled: ‘The Man Who Chained a River’

Our Table Topics Master TH posed various questions on the theme of animals including:

What terms would you apply to a man’s best friend?
Man or Beast?
Could you love a chicken?
Which animal would you suggest as a TM mascot?
How embarrassed have you been by another species?
What are your favourite things about spring?

Best Evaluator award went to AP for her excellent Table Topics Evaluation
Best Table Topic award went to our guest KW – well done and we hope to see you again soon!

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