Meeting 27th November

Our Toastmaster last evening was GB who conducted the meeting in her usual relaxed and confident manner.

Introductions were to the question: ‘If Ralph C Smedley were in this room tonight, what would you say to him?’

The Invocation was by JC

‘Elaborate’ was the chosen word from the Grammarian LC

Prepared speeches were by AB, KB & PR
The Best Speech award went to AB for his speech entitled: ‘The Door’

Table Topics Master SR posed the question: If the Fickled Finger of Fate had dealt you a different hand in life, how would you have coped as…

A Formula 1 driver
A lone yachtsman
A top sports person
A vet
A TV or radio presenter
A school teacher
A bomb disposal expert

Best Table Topic award went to CLW for his hilarious de-fusing of a bomb delivered in a Scottish accent!
Best Evaluator award went to CAW (Table Topics Evaluation)

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