Meeting 30th October

Our Toastmaster EH staged a great evening on the theme of films and cinema.
We were treated to music and popcorn, EH sitting comfortably in his DIRECTOR chair!
The evening’s programme also featured a spoof film poster entitled ‘Groan With The Wind’
– starring various members of NNSC of course.

Introductions were to the question: ‘What is your Favourite Film and Why?’

The Invocation was by LC

‘Unsolicited’ was the chosen word from the Grammarian CAW

Prepared speeches were by LV, CLW & SR
The Best Speech award went to LV for her speech entitled: ‘Car Buying for a Novice’

Table topics Master AK posed various questions on a Halloween theme including:

Have you ever seen a ghost?
Do you approve of ‘Trick or Treat’?
What’s the most terrifying thing that’s happened to you?
What costume would you like to wear and why?
What would you carve with your pumpkin?
What are your memories of bonfire night?

Best Table Topic award went to MB
Best Evaluator award went to TH (Prepared Speech 2)

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